About Us

Naturata Design

Our Packaging:

Our Packaging is made using plastic free, recyclable materials. 

Our boxes, stickers and earring cards are made of Kraft card; our business cards made from seed paper which can be planted, our packing made from shredded paper and our stamps made from wood and rubber! 

We are committed to ensuring all our packaging stays plastic free and recyclable and if possible, re-usable! 


Eco-silver is 100% recycled sterling silver, the process of recycling uses less energy from mining and more focus on recycling existing resources into ethical manufacturing. The Ecosilver brand is also 100% Sterling silver 925 and retains highest product quality.


Find more information about this material here at:




Eco-gold is the brand new material for contemporary metalsmiths involved in sustainable and ethical manufacturing, alike to Eco-silver it is 100% recycled and turned into stock for suppliers and Jewellers in the UK and select international countries. The use of Eco-gold reduces the demand on mines and therefore preserves the limited natural resources left to the natural world.

Although Gold is still mined worldwide, there is an increasing focus on encouraging horticultural and environmental limitations to ensure the well-being and sustainability of our communities.

To find out more or view products from the supplier please visit http://www.cooksongold.com/ecogold

Fair trade Gemstones and minerals
Many of my stones are purchased from independent lapidaries and sellers from a number of countries and backgrounds, all of which I have developed a working relationship with so I ensure the quality of my materials.

Here is a list of the suppliers I use and where to find out more about the way they work:

1.Cooksongold, Uk.


2.Wardgemstones, UK.


 3.SilverTwigShop, USA.

Organic Botanical Castings in sterling silver


4.CoyaGems, Peru.


5.Brooke Customs, United states.