About Us

Naturata Design

Our Packaging:

Our Packaging is made using plastic free, recyclable materials from our supplier WestPack, information on their ethics and business policies can be found here.

Our boxes, stickers and earring cards are made of Kraft card; our business cards made from seed paper which can be planted, our packing made from shredded paper and our stamps made from wood and rubber! 

We are committed to ensuring all our packaging stays plastic free and recyclable and if possible, re-usable! 


Eco-silver is 100% recycled sterling silver, the process of recycling uses less energy from mining and more focus on recycling existing resources into ethical manufacturing. The Ecosilver brand is also 100% Sterling silver 925 and retains highest product quality. 

Many Suppliers now use Ecosilver, used most frequently frequently cooksongold, more information on their practices can be found here.

Other suppliers include:



Recycled and Fair Trade Gold

Designs can be commissioned in Ethically sourced Fair Trade Gold from a trusted source and certification provided. 

We are hoping to extend our Gold range by 2023 but if you're interested in a commission of a piece in Gold please send a message to Info@naturata-design.co.uk 

Fair Trade Gold Bullion is sourced from the UK's leading certified supplier BettsMetals, information on their services can be found here

Fair trade Gemstones and minerals
Many of my stones are purchased from independent lapidaries and trusted suppliers from a number of countries and backgrounds, all of which I have developed a working relationship with so I ensure the quality, integrity and ethics of materials.

Here is a list of the suppliers I use, what for and where to find out more about the way they work

1. Nineteen48, UK.

Ethically sourced and accredited Gemstones

More information here

2. Brookescustoms, United States.

Bespoke cut Stones and Minerals

More information here

3. Wards Gemstones

High quality Gemstones

More information here

4.CoyaGems, Peru.

Bespoke cut and Natural crystals

For more information on ethics and business practice visit CoyaGems on Instagram.

Recycled silver Organic Metal Casting

Our organic casts are 100% authentic, no moulds or wax prototypes are used unless clearly stated. These casts are taken from plants grown by my own hand in my Kent garden and then sent directly for Casting for a one-off bespoke piece with all the natural inclusions that make each piece so unique. 

Our organic casts are sourced from a UK based business BlackArtsCastings whose ethics and policies can be found below.