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Nexus Ring II

Nexus I Ring Handmade in 100% Ecosilver 925 with 4mm round Faceted Gemstone.

From: £75.00
Black Agate Ring

Black agate geode set in silver

Nexus Ring I

Nexus I Classic Ring in Ecosilver 925.

From: £60.00
Formè Organica I

Forme Organica I Ring in Ecosilver 925.

Formè Organica III

Forme Organica Succulent III Ring in Ecosilver 925.

Formè Organice II

Adjustable size. Unisex design.

Lotus Nelumbo Ring

Lotus Petal Ring Claw set Gemstone

Nexus II Ring

Nexus II Claw set Ring Ecosilver 925

From: £70.00
Silva I Earrings

Silva Round Earrings Ecosilver 925

Silva Rings

Silver Rings Ecosilver 925.

From: £65.00