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Lotus Nelumbo

This collection is inspired by the patterns, geometry and asymmetry of the Lotus Flower or Nelumbo Nucifera. The native flower of Australia and Southern Asia it signifies regeneration and rebirth in many cultures as it opens during the daytime and closes at night. These flowers allow for abstractism and realism in design and are used in art all over the world.

Lovingly made in 100% recycled sterling silver 925 and ethically sourced gemstones.

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Lotus Nelumbo Ring

Lotus Petal Ring Claw set Gemstone

Lotus Nelumbo Necklace

Lotus Nelumbo Necklace Abstract design with Green Amethyst in Ecosilver

From: £120.00
Lotus Necklace

Lotus Necklace geometric design in Ecosilver

From: £40.00
Lotus Necklace II

Lotus Necklace Geometry design with faceted stone in Ecosilver

From: £75.00
Lotus Nelumbo Bracelet

Lotus Nelumbo Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp.

Lotus Nelumbo Necklace II

Lotus Nelumbo Necklace with Cabochon in Ecosilver

Lotus Earrings

Lotus Earrings geometric design in Ecosilver

Lotus Earrings II

Lotus Earrings geometric design with faceted stones

From: £65.00