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Formè Organica

This collection is inspired by the variety of forms found in blooming and blossoming flowers. Every flower blooms differently creating abstract fragments which inevitably progress into geometric, symmetrical structures.

This Duality and contradiction of Biology applied to humanity suggests the importance of appreciating individual growth, form and readiness that we each embark on to reach our full potential.

Lovingly Handmade in 100% Recycled sterling silver 925.

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Forme Organica I Earrings

Forme Organica I Earrings in 925 Ecosilver.

Formè Organica I

Forme Organica I Ring in Ecosilver 925.

Forme Organica I Necklace

Forme Organica I Necklace in Ecosilver 925.

From: £95.00
Forme Organica Pollen Necklace

Forme Organica Pollen Pendant in Ecosilver 925.

From: £55.00
Forme Organica Pollen Studs

Forme Organica Pollen Studs in Ecosilver 925.

Formè Organice II

Adjustable size. Unisex design.

Formè Organica III

Forme Organica Succulent III Ring in Ecosilver 925.